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An animal prized for the beauty of its coat.

Most every day brings an opportunity to be noticed. Capturing the attention of others means a chance to show them what you’re capable of. No matter where you are in your life and in your career, consistently making an impression on others will help you get to the next opportunity, to make relationships and to get ahead.

Ermine dresses are made to help you on your own way to greatness, with no sacrifice on fabrics or design value. Our garments are made to keep up with you and to be worn in a wide range of environments, from conservative to casual. Whether you are presenting to a crowd or sitting for most of the day, you will stand out and look put together and polished. You will always have the last word.

An Ermine dress is the go-to power suit for the modern-day working woman.


Wrinkle-resistant fabrics
Machine-washable fabrics
Comfortable fabrics
Flattering and unusual hemlines and seamlines
Tailored fit
Made in the USA